For the reflection on my project, overall I think that it was successful in all the sections, as a group we worked well together and managed to get all of the tasks completed on time and to a high level of detail and the outcome of our research meant we could make the advert to a high-level with the detail being there and the dedication we all put into the tasks meant that the final product for the logo design, video, poster and other key parts were done to our highest ability and on time. When researching we spent a long time looking at how other companies tried to do the same thing and look at how effective it was and the effects it had on the other people and the audience/customers this allowed us to see what we needed to do in order to make it successful.

For the improvements for the next time I will make sure that I have the time management done more to a realistic timing, making the video production have more time and less time on the planning of the video, the first video that we made was mainly to see if  the video we wanted to create was possible and to a high enough level, when we took the test shots it was then we learned what we needed to improve and on change, or example the camera angles and other parts like the camera angles and the position that people were stood to still get the fact across we’re selling the gourmet crisp. Something I feel that also needs to be improved is the teamwork between the group and how we communicate within our team making sure that people are all on the same level and are thinking the same idea and understand what we’re doing, around half way into the creation of the video we had some troubles with the voice over and how it was compared to the video and if I would make the audience differ to what we wanted to portray to them, the problem was down to a lack of communication and lead to a small debate on what was to be done and how to change it I changed it by making simple adjustments that would make the work we were producing still at a high enough standard and keeping the gourmet theme.

I feel that most of the project went the way we intended it to, as I made myself the team leader to ensure everything was done to a high standard, our team worked well as a team and I personally thought we did the task to the highest ability possible with the time we had to compete it. Something that went well for me was the amount of progression we made each day coming closer to the deadline, the videos were made in one day each and we managed to get the best possible shots out of the work we had and the set we had made, the set alone was a huge success as it allowed us to move forward a lot faster as we had it pre-setup the week before so we could begin to record as soon as we felt ready too, this also gave us plenty of time to record and check on the same day edit the first version and then reflect on what we needed to change, it was a case of recording at the start of the day then uploading it at the end of the day to see what we would need to re-shoot or add to make improvements for the final video. This is something I feel went most successful as it meant we could progress as fast as we did without having to re-record the week after and to quickly remake the set to make sure we ha the shot to the best of our ability which would also then add stress to the group which is something that we wanted to avoid as much as possible.

The research we gathered as a group I feel was more than enough, we spent many hours comparing other companies together and imagining ours in the same category which is why we understood so well what we had to do, with the adverts in the market today we looked into detail and how we could use what they’ve done to show their product and make it the same for ours. The research we looked at ranged from colours of text on the packets and how it resembled the crisp product, the logo positioning and what it meat as a brand selling point, how the brand its self was shown to the audience with the format of the text and where it was, the backgrounds, the adverts presentation and what each angle could mean, all of the research we gathered helped us massively with the finalising and to see what we wanted as a final product to look like and what the mission statement would come across to the audience.

If I were to remake the video with the group again, i would make sure we checked to see if the equipment that were going to use works and will deliver the quality that we needed it too, for example the sound booth in the building that we were going to use did not work the first time and had us slow down due to the fact that we could make the video done on the day of the final edit, a possible other thing I would change if I could be the order in which we did something and how we did it in the speed and time that we had, this is something that I found held us back as we had to keep going back and filling small things in that did not need to be changed just yet or at the time of which we did. I think that the group alone worked well as a team and I would not change anything with the roles we had as we managed to get everything done on time and to a high level of quality which was the intentional aims for the project.

I feel that we represented the female audience we were looking to aim at well, we focused all of the work on the female gender and leaned away from the male audience as we were selling a female branded product, although yes, the logo and name is based on a male representation, we took research and looked at what female crisps were sold and how, we found that most other companies in the industry had a female brand but used a male logo and name, this was to show the fact that we’re/they’re selling naturally farmed potatoes in the farm land, traditionally farmed by males in the olden days which is something that other brands like ‘Kettle’ and ‘Tyrrells’ have decided to keep and not change due to the sale of female crisps. For the representation of females we also made the posters female related with the black background with the ‘lady’ colours such as purple, something that we wanted to clearly point out and make people clearly see was intended for them, as well as in the video having the main actors and screen time on females meant that they could then see that it was made for the high-class business woman we were aiming for.

Overall, I feel that this project went almost perfectly with the plan we had, the work at the end was done to a high quality which is something as an individual I am always aiming for and want to achieve which is why I’m very confident in the work I with my team have produced. Some minor things I would have changed if I could do it again which would mainly consist of saving us time and unneeded effort, other than that I feel nothing could have been changed that would have changed it completely what we made and would of made it better in a way especially with the time that we had to make the project complete.


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