Final Advertisement

poster-1 poster-2

For the final advertisement our group produced two posters for our brand, two adverts for our 1 product and a script to go along with it, for the task we were told to make an advert that lasted for around 1 minute which we decided to break it up and do two adverts 30 seconds each which would also allow us too make more time on each video as we’re not yet reaching the max time for either, we eventually made one of the video adverts around 45 seconds, this included the narrator on the top with the amazon sounds as an ambient background noise with the video playing in for the foreground. The style we were aiming to get was more based on a ‘comedy’ related creation, with the narrator speaking about the crisps with a animal perspective to give the effect that they have emotions and feelings and can make a change to our lives if we allow them to enter our life. The inspiration for this idea was from Sir David Attenborough documentary of ‘Planet Earth II’, taking his voice and putting a spin on it to make it seem more realistic and memorable for people to not just watch it once and remember it but to possibly see a poster of our brand and the voice comes to their thoughts. We decided to make a party theme for the video as it would be something different from your average crisp advert, we wanted to use real footage and to put different angles to change the way the crisps are seen, the low and long angles for the standard crisp and when it came down to advertising ours we used close angles with sharp looks to them, different perspectives to show they’re worth the buy and can make a different perspective on you in you also buy the crisp. The reason we did not want to have live sound is because it would of meant, we would of had to of had controlled sound environment which at the time would of been unavailable and almost impossible to achieve. The way we got around this is by taking the sound of the amazon in the background to pay for the lack of sound from the set, we then had the voice over of the narrator on the top to support the silence, the parts between the script speech is filled with the sounds of the tropical jungle to also enforce the fact we’re basing our video on a crisp that has animal features and having a voice over spin of David Attenborough.

For the two posters we decided to have the same background on both of them to keep the consistent branding throughout the video and to allow people to feel sophisticated and luxurious when having our brand instead of some other brand our on the market, we have the black background with the pattern of the matte back texture which adds to the fact we’re aiming for the high-class with the rich style of it and what its intended to create the image of in your head. For both posters, the only thing been shown is what is in the packet of crisps, hence the reason the crisps are in the middle and around them are the ingredients, the prosecco one is showing the bottle and the glass next to it, with the orange at the bottom of the bottle to show the value of it, the prosecco being higher and the main product of the product. The poster that is selling the chicken and thyme is showing the inside of that also, the intentions of this is to show, you get what you see which is something i found brands and their posters to be miss-leading to what is actually in the brand/product and what is been sold which is why I decided to make ours different and only show what is inside of the crisps and not to hide anything or add anything that might help sell the brand yet be miss-leading which could lead to people thinking we’re just doing it for the money and not the service of high-class gourmet crisp.

For the design of the logo, it paid a key part in our advertising as it allowed us to see what type of advert were going to be making, the reasons for this is how we tried to express the brand through the logo and the outcome of it, for example having colours such as black which implies the unknown flavour and the clash between the purple outline of the house, which is also keeping the branding throughout the rest of the project, it denotes the elegance of the female choosing to buy our brand/product of crisp and also making her prestigious to others. The colour purple on the other hand is showing the sharpness of the person eating our brand/product of crisp, showing how luxury the person is and high-class they are, an advertisement of their wealth and nobility which is the link to the gourmet theme and how gourmet is intended to make people feel and act when eating them. All these things come together and support the advert as its consistent branding with the level of sophistication and luxuriousness. Although in the advert we did not have anything that was purple it still meant we could add the black table cloth to support the female 35-50 age range with her high class job.

One of the things that i would of liked to of improved is the third poster that we did not manage to make and only meant we could show two of the three brand that we created, the colours if we could would of been the same as the other two, with the same layout as the rest of the posters but with a different colour packet and other items that show the customers the product ingredients, this is something that we wish we could of changed to make it better a long with the three posters at the end being shown to the audience instead of just the one which we made for Prosecco and Orange. The theme we had to making the posters was the same as the other design task, being the logo we wanted to make sure that we had a simple yet effective design which could be pleasing for the eye and easy to remember with the amount of detail and the level of colours I added to each one to make them unique. We wanted to make sure that the logo was somewhere in the poster which is why it is enlarged on the crisp packet so it looked as if it was apart of the design and was not just placed randomly, this would of made people think it was miss-leading and would lead to being false advertisement.

We wanted to make sure throughout the whole designing process we were aiming at women as they were the main sale that we were planning on reaching, this was complete by looking at multiple posters of prosecco and looking how they tried to grab the audiences attention and advertise itself with out having the main focus on the wine on the poster, having the wine behind the crisps packet and the packing in the foreground and everything behind it other then some of the ingredients being in front to make the change and to also have a 3D effect to the whole design.


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