Target Audience

For the target audience of the gourmet crisp brand and advert, we wanted to aim at females for this one as were mainly focusing on ‘Prosecco and Orange’, the first thing that we discussed when were making the flavours and who was going to buy the crisp was who we wanted to buy the crisps and who do we think would buy the crisps, after doing our ‘Group Meeting’ and collecting the information that we needed to make the final decision, we had come to agreement that we were going to have our brand aimed at 35-50 year olds, as this is a standard age for the gourmet theme, we had to make sure that it would have its place in the market and not just be competing against some of the biggest brands and expect to get sales, this is when we made the crisps focused on A-B social grade, essentially we were making a high-class crisp for females to enjoy and at the same time have a flavour which we think will be good on the market and be able to compete with other leading brands in the industry today. The person that we were aiming for is the woman that works for a high-class job and earns a higher then average salary, when she is having her time off or sometime to her own enjoys a glass of prosecco, likes to go to high class parties and host them when ever she has time too, the people that our going to be eating our crisps are people that don’t hold back and are willing to try new brands out and experience a crisp that is too the highest class and is a true gourmet flavour, having a social grade of A-B the woman is a Succeeder in the psychographics table which means she is willing to try new things and get the best in things which is what we’re aiming to deliver.

The reason we think people will buy our brand of crisps is that it is unique and new to the market, people that are Succeeders and Explorers will try our brand and tell others about our new brand which will allow us to expand in the market and become a competitor with the others in the industry. We’re not trying to aim for the younger audience as we’re linked to alcohol we cant break the ‘drink awareness’ act which says we cant advertise something that is linked to alcohol and to people that are under 18 in the same advert, we passed this by just using a part theme in the advert and not showing anything linked to children and to the fact we’re selling alcohol but at the same time we had to ensure we were selling the fact that the crisp was ‘Prosecco and Orange’. We believe that this will increase the audience that were also aim at as we’re allowing people that want a new crisp for adults and don’t want too feel like they’re eating a younger related crisp where this packet we have made and branded is purely for the older audience.


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