For the research of the Gourmet crisp advert we looked first into different and existing brands that were on the market and linked to the Gourmet industry, the reason we did this is so that we can find out what we needed to aim for and what exactly they were, looking at definitions and ideas from other people, from the research that we gathered we were able to make a name for the crisps that we were going to make and the logo was to be decided once we had the final name, this was chose by looking at other crisp brands and to see how they did their branding and the links to the gourmet crisp industry in order to make them a successful and compete with the other companies selling a similar product. After the first discussion was complete, I looked at the prices of the crisps on the market and we decided to get some primary research which was simply doing a questionnaire and looking at the results to find what people will be willing to spend on the crisps in todays marketing and if they would be willing to spend the little extra money to get a new gourmet crisps. For the flavours we found that we would choose 2 that were common on the market and the last flavour to be something that was more off charts and a flavour that was not as common, we decided on ‘Prosecco and Orange’ as our main advertisement and to have ‘Chicken and Thyme’ and ‘Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar’ as our common flavour which would have their own posters but not be mentioned in the advertisement.

The 2 other brands that we decided too look at were ‘Kettle’ and ‘Walkers Crisps’, we did an analysis for both of them too see if they had something that we would need to add to ours to make our own brand as successful as theirs, at the same time looking to see if we could improve on our own brand to make it look more ‘legit’ and to try to make ours look as ‘realistic’ as possible and to fit into the market today;

Kettle: The research that we looked at for the Kettle brand was how they made their logo and the effects that it had on the crisp itself and the advertisement behind it, the colours that they would link to their product and how this sold the crisp, the colours of our crisp packets that we designed had an big inspiration from the Kettle crisp packets as we found we didn’t need to add a lot to the design and fill it with pictures for people too look and and add the effect we’re trying to make some sort of child flavoured crisp, when the audience for the crisp was 35-50 so we needed to make sure that we had a simple design and to use warm colours so that they did not stick out massively compared to other brightly coloured crisp packet designs. We then moved onto looking how they priced their crisps compared to other brands and how they differed the price depending on the flavour of the crisp which made us do the £1.99 price tag for all of our crisps as the cost of the crisps alone cost more then the packet, the material of the packet they use is a matt finish to a tin paper, this is something that we decided too also use as it adds to the theme that its gourmet.

Walkers Crisps: The research that we looked at for the Walker Crisps, was how they used the logo to sell their brand, by looking at the effect the large logo had on the packet of crisps, we also decided to use their idea and have our logo in the centre of the packet in a large form to sell the branded logo, with the colours of our logo on the background colours we chose it meant that it was easily noticeable. The prices of the walkers crisps were not as high as they were not based off of the gourmet theme and would mean that they were not needed to sell the crisps at a higher price then around 50p as the ingredients were not natural or gourmet which the Kettle brand were and that the ones we were going to make and use were gourmet so we ignored the pricing, although we did use it in the primary research to have a back up of using them, although we knew they did not effect anything. We decided to not choose a Walkers flavour as it would mean it would not be gourmet and that we would have to change the name of it to something more suitable for the gourmet theme which would ignore the fact/point we used Walkers and changed it to a more ‘Kettle’ design/flavour.


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