Logo Design and Development

For the logo design, I looked at different companies on the market and how they made theirs especially to sell their brand, from the research that we gathered we realised their was a pattern that the logo was mainly based on a male audience and design, simple and effective. This was a male design but was sold to females at the same time as they were mix gendering, this is something that we decided on following up on, our brand name and logo was based on a male, called ‘Bernies’ and having a picture of a male-like building with it on a hill and being so simple and an easy design showing the natural side to the brand, which is what we learned from other companies when looking at their designs and the effects that they had on the audience from the shapes and colours that they use, we looked at around 3 brands; Kettle, Tyrrells and Salty Dog.

Starting to look at the in more detail we realised that people were trying to get consistent branding across all of their products, we also decided to go with the consistent branding and to explore the fact of just having one design and not changing it but to make it transparent is specific sections which meant that it was changing the inside of the designs colours which was enough changed to make it look different and better, something other than this was how large we wanted the design to be and what type of design we wanted, going back to when we had the first ideas we wrote down a few things that we wanted to add to the design for ourself then looked on the internet to see what others had an idea of and how we could try to make ours on the same level of detail and produce the same level of professionalism to the brand we were making. The first designs were on paper and we made what we were aiming for, the checklist was simple being only; House in the background, Hill below the house, Plain colours. This was the 3 main things that we wanted to make sure we got, when it came down to making the final design, we had a draw up on the computers then I edited the parts that didn’t fit and made the final piece, the text was also expressing the natural side to the brand and how the crisps were ‘natural’ and that the pattern on the text was ‘farmed land’ which supported our research.


From the first drawings above, I decided to change if from the house on the hill too a more simple design and to have the house sitting on top of the text below it and the texture of the writing below it will make the farmer’s field effect which is what I was looking for in my original idea, we decided on the colours purple and black as they’re two colours with their own meaning and can have great effect on the people looking at them and easy to recognise from a distance, I had to ensure that the design could fit on more than the crisp packet and would not look miss placed which is something that I had to look at how other companies figured out ways to cover it and get away with having a simple design fit onto a letter or any kind of device. The house on the top went from being solo to having a barn house along with it to add to the theme that I wanted to have a link to a farm-house and the fact that it’s all natural ingredients, although it did not take us long to make the decision to the final design done, we did it in a fairly quick pace as it was number one priority, the part that set us back was choosing the colours that we wanted to show on the logo and deciding why we wanted it and if we were happy with the decision. One of the set backs for the first photo design/drawing was that it looked like something was missing from it, I felt that I had to add something to make it look more interesting and appealing for people to view and remember for the future.

This is the 2nd design that we made for the logo and has all the things that we wanted to make it, the only thing is it looked too alike to the other logos on the market and we had to change something to make it more unique and to our own colours, we added the text below with a casual font on it too look themed as gourmet, this logo did not have the effect on the text with the idea that the text was ‘farmland’ but we added the hill and wanted to see what it would look like with it instead of editing the text. One of the things we had to improve for the 3rd and final design was the hill in the background and the positioning of it to make sure that everything was in respective with each other and looked somewhat realistic, we did not use the design as the final piece purely because i thought we could make it more simple and less detailed with the house and the shape of it, from this drawing it would be less recognisable as it has no different shape compared to a standard farm-house and text below it.


This is the 3rd and final design for the logo, when I was making the logo I started to think of what would make it stand out to the others and how I can make it different to other farm houses that are on logos, I decided first to make it transparent and that the text below would have the effect of the ‘farmland’ on it to play as the hill and the land being changed around it, I did not add the hill to the design as it would misplace it and be too much detail for such a simple intention that I was aiming for, the colour scheme was black and purple as it they stand out together strongly and the colour is pleasing for the eye to view, this is something that we looked into when doing research on the logos as I wanted to make sure I hit the same standards as other logos on the market today to make ours look ‘legit’ and ‘realistic’ which is something I have said before as it’s what we wanted to achieve.


20161214_150332 20161214_150341

20161215_152122 20161215_152137img_4147img_4145


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