Group Pitch


For the pitch, I decided to make it on a presentation website, called ‘Prezi’ which is where it uses an interactive animation between the slides, it added the effect that it was more professional and more advanced than your normal ‘presentation’ program, instead I used a more technical program online where I could edit my work and share to my other group members so they can see what they wanted to add or change over the time of the making.

When it came to do the pitch our group agreed that were not going to use a script as it can be a distraction to the presentation and if you miss something the group will lack its confidence, we did it in front of the teacher (alone), we had set slides where everyone had their own slide that they would speak about, mostly what every you did you would speak about, other than that everyone had 3 slides each and I decided as I made the video to speak about it, meaning I spoke for a total of 8-10 slides. Our group was well organised and were ready for the pitch after I told everyone the information that they needed and how to deliver it effectively so that we could have the impression that we’re confident in our product and brand which shows we understand what we’re saying and presenting.

The slides which I did were the technical ones and the ones which were about the video and how it was made/edited/formed, as I felt most comfortable speaking about it in detail I did the majority of the speaking as I made the presentation I knew what part was when and how to answer it, before we did the pitch when I was creating the presentation I made sure all of the key information was on the screen so anyone could read it and understand what I was trying to say, this was also supported by the video we watched beforehand where we looked as ‘Steve Jobs’ doing his speech and how he delivered it effectively and what he wanted to show us as the audience in such a simple format. The group understood the presentation I had made as I did it in their context so that they would understand it and was easy flowing.screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-14-29-34

Personally I think that the pitch went to plan, overall I think we had only 1 mistake which was on my behalf, in the middle of the presentation I said ‘sorry’ for something that happened but we still carried on as if it never occurred, for the rest of the presentation we followed the advice we got from how to stand and present ourselves to the audience we’re presenting to, what to do and not to do when presenting it, which is something we followed and made sure we used in the presentation to show that we’re confident in our brand and product. I also feel that we got all the information we needed to present clearly outputted to the audience and in the most simple yet effective way possible in the time we had, we moved at a steady pace of a slide a minute and other slides took more time as their was more information to present and more explaining to do, the time management wasn’t really planned as we wanted to go by improvising all of the slides as we felt more confident and with a free-flowing motion which turned out to be the best way of presenting for us as a group, doing this method allowed us to spend as much time on each slide as we wanted, as long as we got the information across to the person/people in the audience.

Something to improve on in the future is the amount of slides each person has and the talking time is balanced which is something I took on, as I was making the presentation I added the information based on what task each person did, for the future as a group we should make our own slides to make sure they’re confident in what I’ve made for them and not putting them on the spot to have to understand what I’m trying to make them say, although this isn’t what I was trying to do, it was the only way it could have been made as I did not have the group members with me while I was making it.

The question we were asked when we finished the presentation were ‘which part of the project did you enjoy the most’, my response for the question was that I enjoyed the part where our group was making the video and recording it, one of my favourite parts of all the tasks related to recording, as it’s not only the serious side of the task but is also the part where the most mistakes happen or ‘bloopers’ are created, we recorded for 3 days in total for 2 crisp adverts, the when re-shooting something it’s always more enjoyable as you know what you’re aiming for and what you need to do instead of doing it first time and trying to get it perfect in the fastest possible time. One of the other questions we were asked as a group were “in a few sentences, whats your mission statement”, as a group we instantly created an answer as we were improvising, we did not have to check a script to see if we added it, my response for the question was that ‘we are intending to make a brand that is aimed for the higher class female, possible business related, creating a new gourmet brand that will make her feel luxurious and prestigious’.


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