Representation in Women

How does the advertisement from Resident Evil Afterlife, show representation of women?


The women playing the main actor in Resident Evil Afterlife, Milla Jovovich, this straight away is doing its own advertisement as it’s not only a film that is mainly made for males but is trying to reach out to the female gender as its trying to follow the steps of the Pro Feminist industry which was an ideology challenge, in the trailer itself its portrayed that the actor is a hero and is unbeatable by the apocalypse, showing her self power and determination to what is going on around her and what she is up against, the trailer shows only the parts where she is defeating males and doing heroic actions such as flying the plane and landing on the roof saving the innocent people and escaping from the roof top, this is something that is normally common in male action films and they’re saving women instead of a woman saving the men stranded on the roof.


In the trailer, she fights many enemies and does a selection of selection of action scenes, throughout the trailer she is on the same level as the camera trying to make the equal connection between the action she is doing and the actor themselves, this can be apart of the message that the advert is trying to show, with the advert showing mainly action its trying to persuade women to also watch the film, by doing this they’re showing that women can also do the action in films and it’s not a typical zombie film where a main male takes the role, instead they’re using Milla which is allowing women too feel welcome and comfortable to watch the film. In the film trailer and the actor is holding guns at their side and in a position that they’re ready for action and any sort of combat, this allowed the representation that women are also willing to use guns and kill things and look good doing it, with her character anyway having a ‘godlike’ feel to her as nothing can defeat her, it’s also bringing men in by having the amount of skin exposed to the audience which is what they’ve intended to do mainly in the poster, yet in the trailer the skin levels are lower as she is in a combat gear which is covering it which also gives the element of surprise as you’ll need to watch it to find the scenes where she is exposing her skin. This is also an opposite audience as its showing her with her skin out in the advert which is going to advertise to men to watch as it’s a known actor with skin showing and being female, which is linked to the poster and parts of the trailer being sexualized which is not actually apart of the film itself.


Throughout the trailer the camera angles show the dominance she has through the film, from scene to scene the camera is on the same level as her and when she is threatened by someone who is higher and more dominant the camera angles change, for example when she is fighting the mutated zombie with the axe in the bathroom the camera is higher than her when the zombie is winning and when she starts to take the upper hand, the camera resets back to her level and lower when she control. This can also false advertising that the trailer shows she cannot be defeated and that she can beat anyone in her way, which in the film itself, she does get beaten and defeated by the main characters that she is trying to defeat, others she kills and other get away as she is not strong enough to beat them for whatever reason.


The film in general is advertised well, as they show everything that we need to know to be able to understand the film without knowing what is going on in the first place, at the beginning of the trailer it shows how it started and what is going on and we learn about the character and what to expect throughout the film if we chose to watch it. The film reaches out to women as well as men when it comes to advertising as they’re using a relatable name “Alice”, a simple and common name which makes it female friendly, as most action films have their female actors named something random and not an easily recognizable name, this one appeals for people to watch and recognize in the future, throughout the film and the trailer, she calls men that she encounters “Boys” which is something that shows the woman’s power and how she feels dominant over them, she makes women feel strong when watching it and allows them too also believe they can have the same feelings and power, Alice can fly planes and can do everything that normally the women can’t do and the men do for them in other action movies.


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