Minutes from ‘Group Meeting’

 Minutes from Group Meetings

11am: We discussed different names for the brand, trying to make something that would fit Into the Gourmet category, we first looked at other brand names and we figured out that they use surnames, so we first started to discuss other brand names and what their effect is.


11:12am: We decided on the name ‘Bernies’ as our final product name, to get to this name we discussed other brand names and what their inner meaning was, ‘Bernies’ being an older name and sounding trust worthy and having it being a classical name it links to the fact that we’re making a gourmet crisp.


11:14am: We went through the audiences that we would like to aim at and what social grading we would be also aiming at, we had a brief discussion on this and then decided to move on to the flavors as that would allow us to simplify the audience we were going to aim for depending on the flavor that we chose to make and advertise.


11:17am: Spoke about the flavors that we already knew existed and seen what they used and the mixtures they had, this was when we started to list the first flavors that we would of like to advertise for our own brand. We discussed the basic ones such as ‘Salt and Vinegar’ and then moved onto more advanced ones such as ‘Chicken and Thyme’ which was a more advanced crisp as it was not the common ones, this was also helping the fact that we were aiming at the gourmet part of the crisp.


11:21am: We decided that we would be aiming at the target audience of C2 – A which is then aimed towards the age of 35-50, this was later changed due to the fact we thought it was too broad and would be harder to do as it would mean we would have to try to aim for every worker that it would then mean aiming at multiple social classes. We changed to just doing A and B as it would mean we could focus on the gourmet audience and aiming for the higher classes.


11:21am: The price we chose was around the average price for a gourmet crisp and came out as £1.99, this was easily chosen as I had already purchased packets of gourmet crisps as research and found out that I paid around the same price for each one.


11:45am: We discussed about flavors that were already in the market and how they blended to make one flavor, and one that is commonly used in the crisp world and people buy regally, we decided to use the Balsamic and Vinegar along with Sea salt, this flavor is mainly aimed towards both genders, female and males as they’re some of the most common crisps in the industry and does not have a leaning side to which gender would prefer to buy them.


11:46am: In a quick discussion, we focused on who we were wanting to aim at, we decided to aim at people that are in labor, such as builders, plasters, plumbers and so on, this was not the final decision but was the main point for the audience that we had wanted to aim at or thought was what we should be aiming at.


11:47am: Then decided to make multiple flavors for the advert, which we knew would make the process longer but would add to the realism and would then make it that we could aim at the people we wanted to aim at, one of the flavors that we decided to choose was an alcoholic crisp flavor which was not yet decided and we were still deciding on.


11:59am: We figured that we would need to increase the price if we were to use more expensive ingredients this was also a bonus as it would support the fact that we wanted to aim at the higher classes and reach the A – B.


12pm: With the alcohol, came across the issue that we can be coming across breaking the danger of alcoholic crisp advertisement, which is the drink awareness program, this was something that we had to consider if we wanted to take on as it would mean that we would have to do extra work for getting it to work and more work on the advert its self, this would mean we would have to focus the advert mainly on the crisps and try not to get it to lean into the fact we’re adverting alcohol in our advert/adverts.


12:07pm: We decided to use ‘Prosecco’ as a flavor and to add an orange tang to it to make a new flavor completely, this was one of the alcohols that we will be using for our crisps, we’re not sure if it’s going to be the only one with alcohol or if we’re going to make one of the other flavors also have alcohol in them.


12:09pm: We then decided on adding the flavor of ‘Chicken and Thyme’ as a crisp packet, this was the last packet of crisps that we’re going to be advertising, 3 packets we agreed on and that they’re mainly going to be leaning towards the female audience.


All together we concluded that were going to making a brand called “Bernies” which we are still to speak about the logos design and come up with one, we went through a various number of names to find the one we did, purely because it’s a typical farmers name and is friendly, giving it an extra touch to the whole ‘gourmet’ theme and we all agreed on it, it was mainly influenced on the surname of a group member which we used to get the idea of what we were aiming for, it being “O’Brian’ which we just removed the ‘O’ and used the ‘Brian’ part. After that we chose one of the flavors to be Balsamic Vinegar and Sea Salt which was going to be our male and female crisp as it’s so common in the industry. When we made this idea, we looked at who we wanted to aim at which we came to agreement that we wanted to aim at A – B as we first decided A – C2 which was too many to focus on, hence the change. The price of the crisps by default for the 2 flavors; “Chicken and Thyme” and “Balsamic Vinegar and Sea Salt” are £1.99 as they’re gourmet and use rich ingredients, for the other crisp flavor which was agreed “Prosecco and Orange” has a price of around £2.50, still yet to be decided but we know it will be around this price when we agree.  The ‘Prosecco’ crisp has a slight danger to doing it, as it’s an alcohol we must be careful about the drink awareness program which is the protection on how alcohol is sold on adverts, we would have to ensure that we are not false advertising and keep the crisps as the focus and not to lean into the advertisement of selling the wine as well as the crisps. The last flavor to be discussed and agreed on was the ‘Chicken and Thyme’ which was the one that we were thinking about making another wine based crisp, due to the awareness program we just decided to save effort and keep to a more traditional flavor which we have the full freedom of making its advert with, this one was the complete choice over other meats, we looked at other meats and seen if they were put with other ones, many of the meats were crossed with a wine or a fruit to make a crisp but this one was one of the least common ones which is why we decided to use it as ours to make it something of our own.


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