Representation, what is representation? It’s how something is shown to us or portrayed… Taking something that has a meaning and showing it in little ways, whether it’s through a picture or a model, everything thing in the media is representing something in some form. In day to day life we represent who we are through what we wear and how we look, this is something that has taken over our lives and has become something we do to survive. It is a way of presenting to an audience in a specific way to get a specific response, with the world that we live in now, almost everything in the media world is constructed and is a representation of something…

For example, take a school fight that has happened, in order to get this published, they have to select information and construct it into a way that we can have our own view and make us question it, editing the information to make it sound slightly different to what it actually is in order to get the advertisement and entertainment that they intend to make for the readers/viewers, when this is all chosen they will then tell the story of the fight and what happened and make it look better and more understandable, whether they make a reconstruction or a close write up of what happened using the both sides of the story to make one.


It’s something that today we use most commonly as a short cut to something, most of them are based on people’s opinion and we generally believe them to be true as we’re met with them every day… In a stereotype, there are two types, one being the Archetype, which is the “ultimate stereotype”, people that make short cuts for everything and use bias opinions, being very typical using a basic definition to something without giving it thought, an example of this could be an advert that is trying to sell a new brand of cleaning product, in the advert instead of using a man in the advertisement they would use a woman as its stereotypical, it’s something that the world today think is normal and would be confused if a man was doing the advert as that’s what the media have made us think as viewers. The other type of stereotypical person is the Countertype, something that is challenging the Archetype, for example taking what people see as normal and changing it to make it different which is a way to change how we thing and can sometimes be shut down as it disturbs the public, these things try to change the way the public think and risk the advert by doing this, but if done correctly and clever enough can be accepted and change the minds of people which is what they’re aiming to do. – Used to find the definition for the key word Archetype.



Ideology is a set of ideas of beliefs, which tend to be held by something or someone with power and are held by groups in society, with the world today, they shape our cultures and what we do and don’t do.

When Analysing Representation

When analysing representation, you need to look at everything that you can see and try to think of a meaning for it or a wonder to why they chose that specific thing and what would change if it was not that. Everything in the media world is using representation whether it’s a television advert or a news article, one of the key ways of analysing was to use the ‘Barthes’ method which uses the method of finding denotations and then backing them up with a connotation, this should be the basis of the analysis, and picking things like;

  1. Costume – What were they wearing and if it symbolises something?
  2. Props – What props are used and what’s the meaning behind them?
  3. Settings – Is anything being advertised in the background?
  4. Camera Angles – Why was the angle chose and what effect does it create?
  5. Storyline (Involvement in & role) – What’s the story and does it relate?
  6. Target Audience – Who is it aimed at by the form and representations?

When looking at advertisement in the world we live in today, everything is presented the way it is for a reason, taking something and changing it so that it makes the people viewing the content feel like the article or advert is right and that they should agree with what is being said. For example, not long ago there was a riot in Birmingham where the newspapers decided to frame only the youth to look bad and only showing photos of the youth and not showing the other side of the riots… The adults that were stealing TVs and other expensive things from shops… the way they do it is by using certain shots and adding specific details to text and images to make them look as bad as they want to make them out as…

trump-on-newspaperAs the article to the left shows, a picture of Donald Trump when he’s won the election of the American President, with the picture they’ve chosen, it’s more of a relief photo of some sort, showing he’s done all the hard work to get it and he’s thinking ahead, with the title saying “OH MY GOD!”, almost trying to make the viewer agree with what is being said, trying to bounce the photo off of the text, almost like its proving something that although this is to do with something completely different to any normal day situation, if you put the work to it you can have the same output of this man… achieving what it is that you were trying to achieve in the first place.



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