Contextual Information

During the 1990s, politically there were 5 key events that happened, and could impact the way the media acted and worked at the time, from the early 1990s Nelson Mandela was released from prison and became the leader of the ANC, changing the representation of the people Africans, and giving them the right to become a free person and live the life of a white man, although this had already been put in place this was something that began to become equal and media became larger than ever.  Something which change the evolution of the media, was when a man name Tim Bernes-Lee, published his formal proposal for the World Wide Web, and allowed people to link work and other forms of document across the internet to each other, this allowed media to make a new form in which they communicated and meant they could cover more stories and produce more work, and not have the trouble of transporting and sending the information via another method. East and West Germany reunited after the collapse of the Soviet Union and allowed media to make a larger HQ and move to a much larger and dependant country to make the development which was needed to allow TV startings and media based work much more advanced. These were some of the most important years in the history of media, due to the internet and development of Google and Ask Jeeves were founded and allowed people to view the media online instead of on paper, and for advertising to be world-wide.

These years were a hard time for disabled people at the beginning, and for people with Disability when looking to get a job or a role in a TV related show, they were being treated with disrespect and the idea they could not do the same job as a ‘normal’, non-disabled actor can do, something which changed towards the end of the 90s was when the “Training and Equal opportunities in ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5” act was being created as the equal right commitie had realised the lack in which disabled people were involved in media and especially TV at the time;

“Progress was also uneven and generally slow in the employment of disabled people”

At this time, more towards the end of the 90s, the representation of Disabled people had little change, due to the speed in which the act was being put into place, something which was becoming concerning where shows such as Coronation Street and East Enders, such big impacting TV Shows for people to watch, were lacking disabled people, and not enforcing to the people watching the equal and no existing difference to who they are as people, and the capabilities in which they have to do the same job as any other person.



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