Skills – Segments of the Creative Media Industries

When it comes to skills needed in the Media Industry, there are 4 ‘Segments of the Creative Industries’ which make up the industry today, being so independent you don’t need to be skilled in all 4 to be able to get a job in that specific segment. The 4 Segments are;

  • Services – This includes Advertising, a job that involved using the online Media world to promote their product or a company, mainly in the form of a visual advertisement they can be from posters, to adverts on the television. Designing is also a huge part of the services segment as it is the key to media, it could be working as a planner, creating new blueprints for an architectural freelance, designing new cars or anything that needs to be designed and drawn up. Fashion is one of the biggest services in the world as its constantly growing and changing due to the styles that people want, making a new item of clothing for a celebrity or a branded company such as, River Island, Top Man or TK Maxx, a huge segment to the services industry.
  • Content – Games today is the fastest growing industry, being one of the most popular trending things today, it’s always improving and is looking for people to make the new top games, with it being such a large industry it means there are so many jobs, but for the big titles it can be difficult to find a place in their team. Film, TV and Radio are all different forms of content but come together as they are different forms of each other since media is so large, they are always looking for new people to bring something new to the table and make their department better. Publishing is something that not many people think of as its been around for so long, but it’s one of the main content created industry in the world, being anything from Literature to music to Information, everyone is using it and it will always be used as its made for the public to utilise and see. One of the smaller industries in the content segment is the Performing Arts, as its being going on for so long, it’s still holding a place in the industry but has been taken over by the larger industries such as Games and Films that are easier for people to get a hold of. Although they are small they are always looking for the next star to take the industry forward to the future.
  • Artefacts – Fine arts is a piece of visual art, that reflects on the creator and require a huge amount of skill to become a talent and recognised one, on the same job role as a fashion designer, creating something for someone or for a company to sell on or showcase, there is a large amount of money in the industry and being so hard to get into and recognised means there are not a lot of people who aim to become one of the many fine art famous artists.
  • Social Media – This is as big as the Gaming world, having its top trending websites in the world being to blame for how popular it is, YouTube, Facebook and any other sort of website that is related to social media have made normal people gain jobs just by posting videos of themselves online for others to view, with many thousands of YouTubers around the world becoming famous for the work they make whether it’s Blogging, Video Content, Discussion or Reviewing, the companies that have made this happen are always updating and looking for someone to come up with a new idea on how to change the next 10 years of the social media world.

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