Blog – Go Green for Halloween!

For the ‘Go Green for Halloween’ preparation day, my task was to make a photobooth for people to have their photos taken with friends and other people dressed up for ‘GG4Halloween’.

To start the day we were split into 3 groups; Advertising, Dressing and Designing. I decided to join the team of Designers as we had the task of making the photo booth, the idea was to have the octagon chairs in the dining room turned into the photobooth, we needed to make something solid enough to block the light in the background as Halloween theme would be ruined. In order to get the light out we decided to make a cardboard wall behind the chair to stand up.

Me and Adam went to TK Maxx to ask if we could use their recycled cardboard in their skip, we grabbed some gloves and went back to TK Maxx to get some cardboard, looking for larger sizes meant that we did not have to have as much of it and that we could make it a lot more sturdy and less hassle to tape all the little bits together. Once we collected the first bunch of cardboard the team began to assemble the wall and look into the design and how it would look… at the start of the whole building phase, the fire alarm bell went off as we were doing the drill for the new year to let the new people know where to go and how to get there.

After the fire drill ended, me and Adam went back to TK Maxx to get some more cardboard and pick some more of the useful things in the skip up, we collected 2 rolls that were full of shelf sliders, we also found some other bits that we used to make the final thing, while we were building the wall, me and Adam, Mia and Abi headed out to poundshop with the budget of 6 pound, we first decided to get some little decorations to cover the booth, then we headed to the 2nd poundshop over the road and collected 2 masks and a green scalf. Once we returned to the college the wall was in the making and was starting to take shape, the girls started to decorate the sheets which the other group bought and never got around to use, meanwhile me and Ben found our own thing to do… taking the masks and walking around the college trying to amuse ourself. The main reason we did this is only because we would only have been in the way of the rest of the team building the wall and designing.

An hour or so later, i was still in the mask just chilling and inputting my opinion to where something should be changed and speaking to the rest of the group about what we were going to wear and if we would look the same or not. People had their own idea, some wearing costumes, some just having a face paint and wearing green, other just wearing green and nothing else, i was decided to go with the classical ‘Clown Look’ which was soon shut down by the security and Louise. Even after many attempts Louise was not buying it, then i cracked her and she was not trying to stop me… around the time of 2 we were waiting for the step ladders to arrive so we could carry on making the all fit, then we tried to do it ourself and we realised it was almost twice as big as the chair itself.

Cutting the cardboard wall to size, we made it black on the one side, lined it up with the chair and it all began to come together, i was still in the mask, just being myself, having some fun and having a laugh, my face was melting and mouth full of plastic i decided i was going to keep it until the end of the day which i… did.

At the end of the day i took the mask off, and the feeling of fresh air hit me in the face, the first time in the 4 hours i had fresh air in my lungs. I went upstairs to collect my bag and talk to my friends upstairs doing the Advertising, we met back in the room upstairs with everyone and made our move from there, i was asked if i would stay but i had to catch the train… which didnt happen as i went downstairs and we had to fill in some paper work for the money we get for traveling, i realised they were still building the wall in the window and went in to see what was going on, i realised Adam was helping and as he gets the same train as me and Alex we decided to wait… This was the end of the day for the preparation of the Go Green for Halloween.


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