Blog – Unit 3


Lesson 1 – In lesson 1, i looked at 10 jobs that were related to the media world, i got the jobs by looking at the screen credits of the film “The Martian”, when i had my 10 i then had to chose 3 of them and explain them in detail of what their purpose is and their relationships with the rest of the media job tree.

Lesson 2 – For lesson 2, i looked at the two forms of ‘Freelancing’, being a Freelancer and being a non-freelancer, i was tasked to find the pros and cons  for about both of them and compare in a table form. At the end of my research i had to make a write up of 500 words on what the difference was and what i though about them as a whole.
Lesson 3 – For Lesson 3, i was tasked to compare programs together in order to find out what each one was specialized in and what the content was they should be used for. The programs included Final Cut vs Adobe Premiere, Photoshop vs Illustrator vs InDesign, 3Ds Max vs Solid Works 3D. For each compare i did a small right up on them and what they were best for and what they should be used for, also their negatives and positives.
Lesson 4 –
Lesson 5 – For this lesson, i was tasked too look into Fair Use Policy and what it meant,  how it works and what the effectiveness of the law is, i also looked into examples of the fair use policy which was set for homework, related to the Fair Use Policy is the Royalty Free Law which i also looked into and made a write up of, giving an example of it also.

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