Lesson 4

What is and how long does it take to be come ‘Royalty Free’?

Any song that was produced in the time of 1923 to 1977 have a public domain of 95 years protection, if the song is published 1978 onward, the song is protected for 70 years after the artist has died. Counting from the last member of the group/band this is mainly American artists.

In European countries some of the artists can claim up to 70 years also of protection and also protection for 50 years after they have died…

With the film Dracula and Nosferatu, were in a battle of their own involving copyright terms and the right to the movie. When the WWII soldier decided he wanted to make a film including vampires after he was speaking to some of the farmers in Serbia about the lore… 1916 was the year he had the idea and that’s when he found a company to agree with the film and create it, they started to write the film scripts and plan what was going to happen, the only problem was is that Grau wanted to make the film based around the book of Dracula but by making it a film. As he asked for permission from the book writers Florence Stoker would not sell the copyrights for the book to allow Grau to fulfill his dream in making the story of Dracula.

Grau took no notice of the copyright claims on the book, as he would have had to wait until 1962 until he could of shot the film. He was not willing to wait for this time so he decided to go ahead and make the film. In 1921 the film started to come together and the first production started.


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