Lesson 3

The difference between Final Cut and Adobe Premiere are speed and effectiveness. Where are Final cut has a much faster program which is faster and an easy user interface which is what most people will be looking for, Photoshop has a much more effective program which is more powerful, although it’s a little harder to navigate through the settings and find what you want it will produce a more stable outcome.People favor Adobe now as they’re moving forward faster and is multi-tasking with the other Adobe programs which is a bonus as they all link perfectly together.Older video makers will favor Final Cut as its more organized and you can filter through all of your work and locate folders/clips a lot faster, being more clean has made it still one of the most common one in the market today.

The Difference between Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are what the outcome you’re looking for is. Starting with Photoshop its used to edit photos and changing how a photo looks in general, when it comes down to text, Photoshop is not the one to go for, as its not specialized in using text in pictures the outcome is not what you expect it to be, the best program for making an image with text and being published is Illustrator as it is specialized in creating photos with text in it and still looking amazing, most designers will use it to create web graphics, web designs or documents that you want to make look more then the average Word. It uses Photoshop in the background to change photos and automatically edit them to stretch and resize them, which is a bonus, and you have 2 programs in 1. On the other hand you have Adobe InDesign, which is more for complex book layouts, as it’s specialized in producing high quality documents like, presentations PDF pictures, Word Documents… This program makes the normal look outstanding with its features, although its like a copy of Illustrator its got the ability to hold more pages and keep the amazing look and still organized, this program is not made for doing main work on as its missing a few features that can be key to what you’re doing… Illustrator may be less organized and harder to navigate around but does everything you want.

The difference between 3Ds Max and Solid Works 3D is down to how far you want to go into 3D drawing or video editing.Where as 3DS Max has the full 3D package with; 3D Animation, 3D   modeling and texturing, 3D rendering, Dynamics and effects and UI workflow and pipeline, being as powerful as it is, its made for making games modeling with its plugins and to a very-high quality, with its ability to skin, render physical camera its used very much by the professional industry, made for inventors to make their designs and test what it will look like, all these features make it a more powerful program over Solid Works… On the other hand Solid Words, has a much more friendly userface for new designers and less experienced, having less of a 3D feature bases program is does give outstanding 2D results at the same time as 3D,  its more of a mulit-program as its linked to 3 other programs which work together to make the output of your work. The other problem with SolidWorks is the pricing for the program, as you have to pay to get the better features it puts it at a downfall as people don’t want to be paying £100’s in order to make a small 3D design. Having a standard edition, professional and Premium which works as, the better the service the more you can do and unlock… Opinionatd reviews show that Solid is a more basic version of the 3D max, as 3D Max has 4 vie ws for the designer with infinite buttons  which you can change yourself to make it easier, it has a tutorial for every buttom on the program which will help people out when looking for something that they need.


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