Lesson 2

Freelance Work

(Pros and cons)


Websites For Media Jobs:


  1. http://www.indeed.co.uk/Freelance-Media-jobs
  2. https://www.gumtree.com/media-design-creative-jobs/uk/freelance
  3. https://www.upwork.com/o/jobs/browse/skill/social-media-marketing/



  1. The first website which is Indeed.co.uk is a very common job website as many companies use it to advertise and where newspaper jobs are published, also having a user friendly website where all it needs is a location and a job title, its no hassle for anyone to use, you can select what ever you want, down to the hours and the salary you want.

Through the website you can contact the companies advertising which they manage for you to save you time and also the website can auto-sign you up for a job that it thinks is for you.

With the design of the website being so simple, it gives it the look of it being professional and serious. They’re not showing the website off they are just being a service for you.


  1. The second website being Gumtree.com, they have a less user friendly system, although it does the same job as the Indeed.co.uk, it has adds blocking the adverts for the companies which make people looking for the job put off, the system is the same as in search bar and location, its got pictures to show the jobs logo and what the shop looks like. Its less professional in my opinion with the adds having pictures related to jobs that you have not searched for or not in the area you’re looking for, the color scheme for the website is green and white which is a fancy color and can be professional.

You have less options with the salary and hours, which is a downside as you cant find what you really want in the job you’re looking for… other then that its 24/7 updated for people to use and has an auto-job sender to your email.


  1. The last website being UpWord.com which is a advertising website for jobs, this website is mainly used to sell other people looking for jobs but still has the option to look for jobs on its services, the downside to the website is that it has some confusing buttons which may put people off, this mainly to make it look better and advertise itself, as its more of a independent website which could be classed as private as its free-lancers only on it, its hard to navigate around the web which is what it says in the review for the site, people found it hard to find a job as there was so much advertisement for other people looking for jobs, this one seems to be the lower one of the three as its too advanced for people that just want to find and a job and apply.


Freelance and Non-Freelance



The meaning of freelancer is simply someone who doesn’t work for one company full-time but is hired by multiple companies to do jobs for them, for example; Magazine or Websites which involves a bunch of freelancers coming together to create it or a freelancer to join a team for a small time. They can be hired to do a one-off job for the company.


The Advantages:

When being a freelancer it means you have no Boss so you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do yourself, the main reason people do freelancing is so that you can work from home in the comfort of your own living space, as long as the project is handed in most companies don’t mind letting you do it at home.

When working for a company you get a salary, but for a freelancer you can make the salary yourself as you control the contract that you have made. Overall freelancers tend to make more money due to the rates, which they can charge. The reason this is a thing is that, the companies don’t have to pay for sick leave and holiday leaves so they are willing to pay the freelancers more which is just a bonus, having a lot of experience can mean you make more money as they can trust you to get the job done to a high standard which is when you can ask for more since your services are much higher.



Being a freelancer can mean waiting for work for days, weeks or even months on end until they pick you up, as you don’t work for anyone they some times wont offer you the job, even if you are full qualified with years of experience, you need to be known, marketing yourself is key as they wont know you’re there if you don’t tell them.

The deadline can not be changed as the company set it and you have to work towards it, even if you have multiple ones, you must meet them or else you’ll be given negative feedback and wont be asked to help them again, this is because the work they give you is unpredictable as you wont get a word in advance you’ll just be given the work and a deadline to do it by.

The payment for a freelancer can be slower as you don’t have someone managing your work money, you’ll have to contact the Inland Revenue and get your national insurance details agreed with and sorted. You wont be paid for sick days and holidays so you have to manage the money well for times when you don’t have a job, making sure you’ve got a back up plan for everything you do it crucial.



Overall, freelancing is becoming increasingly more popular over the years are it means people are working independent and earning more which is how the world evolves today, although it seems like its a life worth living, becoming a successful one needs a range of skills and some skills don’t come easy, some of the key things that control the independence is the money you make and have to control, being able to account everything you do is something key to working freelance, needing to estimate the price of a job and solving the problems on a daily basis, finding out research on the job you’re doing and working around the market to get the supply you need, these are some of the key skills. One of the biggest problems today is the networking of your name and your services, allowing people to know you can project manage everything you as freelance work and sales related tasks which will allow you too be known in the business, along with all of these skills you need to be able to handle stress on a high level, negotiating with others in order to find an agreement in the work you are doing is something that is highly noticeable which also comes with the task of communicating with others and learning how others work and if they could become a team with your company, all of these skills come together to make a successful freelancer and is something that most people will try to gain in order to make a living and do as they desire.







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