35mm Experience

When I was first told the task in which I had to do within the week, I felt that it would be challenge not only for me but the skills I had learned through the year with the ISO and Shutterspeed settings, when we were told we were going to work in groups, which were going to be picked at random. I quickly realised  I needed to make an agreement with the rest of the team to where we want to go and when, from this my first major impression, and the part which was going to be the main challenge was the idea that when I took the shot I could now review the photo and see what I needed to change, in-order to take another photo it better for the print off. Something which this challenge was based on of, and the key aspect of doing it was to see how much skill we had as a group, something which was a challenge was working out if we understood what the ISO, Shutterspeed and the aperture which we had learned int he other units that we had worked on for the past year, something which would test our ability was the idea that we could only take around 2 shots for the one photo, and where as if we were to have a DSLR with a large memory, we could take up to 500 photo which would be standard for today’s technology. Going into this task, nor me or my group knew how to operate these types of camera, which we had no experience.


ISO: Something which is used through photography and is one of the first skills in which people learn when wanting to take photos for themself. It’s how the camera measures the level of light, this setting commonly is set to 100 as default as it’s most cameras starting point, meaning the way the camera traps light is, anything below the 800 ISO, is natural lighting, anything that you select above this number, starts to digitalyl change the image, which is when the grain of the picture is created, something that you do not want when taking a high-definition photo. The 4 key points when changing the ISO in comparison to the other;

  1. Light – Checking how much light is on the object which you’re trying to take the photo of, making sure that you don’t need to change the ISO to anything above 800 so that you can keep you HD Clear finish. How much light is going to be let in when using the aperture and how much is going to be allowed to hit the sensor on the shutterspeed option, something which I will need to look at when taking my own photos.
  2. Grain – Making the decision if you want to have a grain effect on your photo or if you want to make it so that the picture is blurred around specific parts of the photo, this can be changed due to the amount of light and ISO setting that I have chosen.
  3. Tripod – Camera being still so that the ISO can make a complete focus, and if using manual you can ensure you get the perfect shot. This is something I plan on using to make one of my photos look creative and different from the others that we’re challenging. This is so that the camera is completely still and allows us to take the photos which we intend to take.
  4. Moving – Is the object moving, does the ISO need to be lower so that the photo can render and get the correct motion that you’re looking for, something which one of our shots will be using is the shutter speed and the mix of aperture to try to create a slow motion effect which is something that the moving category is focused on.

This list is all of the things that I will be looking for when going to take the photos and ensuring I have checked and made sure all for settings are correct.


On the first day of shooting, I only too 6 photos with my team, this was at the train station in daylight, this was a huge challege as we had to use the light meter which either of us had used before and to fuigre out how to work it correctly, we did the train leaving the station and the train stationary at the station, this was for our exterior shot, for our first shots we felt confident with the way we took the shot and the way in which we achived it, not knowing what the picture looked like was something that was most challenging.

For the 2nd day of shooting, we went to Birmingham to get the best shots we could for the time that we had, using the camera became more satisfying as we were learning to adjust to what we thought was going to work and trusting our instincts when doing it, the overall feel of the camera was heavy and weighted with the sense of protecting somone elses work, this was our Tutors camera so from the moment we got it, we needed to make sure we handled it with care. When shooting with the camera we got the sense of an old fashion shot, knowing the quality and what the outcome was going to be we based the photos on locations which would be showing the old relation and to match them together.

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 15.02.56







For the reflection on my project, overall I think that it was successful in all the sections, as a group we worked well together and managed to get all of the tasks completed on time and to a high level of detail and the outcome of our research meant we could make the advert to a high-level with the detail being there and the dedication we all put into the tasks meant that the final product for the logo design, video, poster and other key parts were done to our highest ability and on time. When researching we spent a long time looking at how other companies tried to do the same thing and look at how effective it was and the effects it had on the other people and the audience/customers this allowed us to see what we needed to do in order to make it successful.

For the improvements for the next time I will make sure that I have the time management done more to a realistic timing, making the video production have more time and less time on the planning of the video, the first video that we made was mainly to see if  the video we wanted to create was possible and to a high enough level, when we took the test shots it was then we learned what we needed to improve and on change, or example the camera angles and other parts like the camera angles and the position that people were stood to still get the fact across we’re selling the gourmet crisp. Something I feel that also needs to be improved is the teamwork between the group and how we communicate within our team making sure that people are all on the same level and are thinking the same idea and understand what we’re doing, around half way into the creation of the video we had some troubles with the voice over and how it was compared to the video and if I would make the audience differ to what we wanted to portray to them, the problem was down to a lack of communication and lead to a small debate on what was to be done and how to change it I changed it by making simple adjustments that would make the work we were producing still at a high enough standard and keeping the gourmet theme.

I feel that most of the project went the way we intended it to, as I made myself the team leader to ensure everything was done to a high standard, our team worked well as a team and I personally thought we did the task to the highest ability possible with the time we had to compete it. Something that went well for me was the amount of progression we made each day coming closer to the deadline, the videos were made in one day each and we managed to get the best possible shots out of the work we had and the set we had made, the set alone was a huge success as it allowed us to move forward a lot faster as we had it pre-setup the week before so we could begin to record as soon as we felt ready too, this also gave us plenty of time to record and check on the same day edit the first version and then reflect on what we needed to change, it was a case of recording at the start of the day then uploading it at the end of the day to see what we would need to re-shoot or add to make improvements for the final video. This is something I feel went most successful as it meant we could progress as fast as we did without having to re-record the week after and to quickly remake the set to make sure we ha the shot to the best of our ability which would also then add stress to the group which is something that we wanted to avoid as much as possible.

The research we gathered as a group I feel was more than enough, we spent many hours comparing other companies together and imagining ours in the same category which is why we understood so well what we had to do, with the adverts in the market today we looked into detail and how we could use what they’ve done to show their product and make it the same for ours. The research we looked at ranged from colours of text on the packets and how it resembled the crisp product, the logo positioning and what it meat as a brand selling point, how the brand its self was shown to the audience with the format of the text and where it was, the backgrounds, the adverts presentation and what each angle could mean, all of the research we gathered helped us massively with the finalising and to see what we wanted as a final product to look like and what the mission statement would come across to the audience.

If I were to remake the video with the group again, i would make sure we checked to see if the equipment that were going to use works and will deliver the quality that we needed it too, for example the sound booth in the building that we were going to use did not work the first time and had us slow down due to the fact that we could make the video done on the day of the final edit, a possible other thing I would change if I could be the order in which we did something and how we did it in the speed and time that we had, this is something that I found held us back as we had to keep going back and filling small things in that did not need to be changed just yet or at the time of which we did. I think that the group alone worked well as a team and I would not change anything with the roles we had as we managed to get everything done on time and to a high level of quality which was the intentional aims for the project.

I feel that we represented the female audience we were looking to aim at well, we focused all of the work on the female gender and leaned away from the male audience as we were selling a female branded product, although yes, the logo and name is based on a male representation, we took research and looked at what female crisps were sold and how, we found that most other companies in the industry had a female brand but used a male logo and name, this was to show the fact that we’re/they’re selling naturally farmed potatoes in the farm land, traditionally farmed by males in the olden days which is something that other brands like ‘Kettle’ and ‘Tyrrells’ have decided to keep and not change due to the sale of female crisps. For the representation of females we also made the posters female related with the black background with the ‘lady’ colours such as purple, something that we wanted to clearly point out and make people clearly see was intended for them, as well as in the video having the main actors and screen time on females meant that they could then see that it was made for the high-class business woman we were aiming for.

Overall, I feel that this project went almost perfectly with the plan we had, the work at the end was done to a high quality which is something as an individual I am always aiming for and want to achieve which is why I’m very confident in the work I with my team have produced. Some minor things I would have changed if I could do it again which would mainly consist of saving us time and unneeded effort, other than that I feel nothing could have been changed that would have changed it completely what we made and would of made it better in a way especially with the time that we had to make the project complete.

Final Advertisement

poster-1 poster-2

For the final advertisement our group produced two posters for our brand, two adverts for our 1 product and a script to go along with it, for the task we were told to make an advert that lasted for around 1 minute which we decided to break it up and do two adverts 30 seconds each which would also allow us too make more time on each video as we’re not yet reaching the max time for either, we eventually made one of the video adverts around 45 seconds, this included the narrator on the top with the amazon sounds as an ambient background noise with the video playing in for the foreground. The style we were aiming to get was more based on a ‘comedy’ related creation, with the narrator speaking about the crisps with a animal perspective to give the effect that they have emotions and feelings and can make a change to our lives if we allow them to enter our life. The inspiration for this idea was from Sir David Attenborough documentary of ‘Planet Earth II’, taking his voice and putting a spin on it to make it seem more realistic and memorable for people to not just watch it once and remember it but to possibly see a poster of our brand and the voice comes to their thoughts. We decided to make a party theme for the video as it would be something different from your average crisp advert, we wanted to use real footage and to put different angles to change the way the crisps are seen, the low and long angles for the standard crisp and when it came down to advertising ours we used close angles with sharp looks to them, different perspectives to show they’re worth the buy and can make a different perspective on you in you also buy the crisp. The reason we did not want to have live sound is because it would of meant, we would of had to of had controlled sound environment which at the time would of been unavailable and almost impossible to achieve. The way we got around this is by taking the sound of the amazon in the background to pay for the lack of sound from the set, we then had the voice over of the narrator on the top to support the silence, the parts between the script speech is filled with the sounds of the tropical jungle to also enforce the fact we’re basing our video on a crisp that has animal features and having a voice over spin of David Attenborough.

For the two posters we decided to have the same background on both of them to keep the consistent branding throughout the video and to allow people to feel sophisticated and luxurious when having our brand instead of some other brand our on the market, we have the black background with the pattern of the matte back texture which adds to the fact we’re aiming for the high-class with the rich style of it and what its intended to create the image of in your head. For both posters, the only thing been shown is what is in the packet of crisps, hence the reason the crisps are in the middle and around them are the ingredients, the prosecco one is showing the bottle and the glass next to it, with the orange at the bottom of the bottle to show the value of it, the prosecco being higher and the main product of the product. The poster that is selling the chicken and thyme is showing the inside of that also, the intentions of this is to show, you get what you see which is something i found brands and their posters to be miss-leading to what is actually in the brand/product and what is been sold which is why I decided to make ours different and only show what is inside of the crisps and not to hide anything or add anything that might help sell the brand yet be miss-leading which could lead to people thinking we’re just doing it for the money and not the service of high-class gourmet crisp.

For the design of the logo, it paid a key part in our advertising as it allowed us to see what type of advert were going to be making, the reasons for this is how we tried to express the brand through the logo and the outcome of it, for example having colours such as black which implies the unknown flavour and the clash between the purple outline of the house, which is also keeping the branding throughout the rest of the project, it denotes the elegance of the female choosing to buy our brand/product of crisp and also making her prestigious to others. The colour purple on the other hand is showing the sharpness of the person eating our brand/product of crisp, showing how luxury the person is and high-class they are, an advertisement of their wealth and nobility which is the link to the gourmet theme and how gourmet is intended to make people feel and act when eating them. All these things come together and support the advert as its consistent branding with the level of sophistication and luxuriousness. Although in the advert we did not have anything that was purple it still meant we could add the black table cloth to support the female 35-50 age range with her high class job.

One of the things that i would of liked to of improved is the third poster that we did not manage to make and only meant we could show two of the three brand that we created, the colours if we could would of been the same as the other two, with the same layout as the rest of the posters but with a different colour packet and other items that show the customers the product ingredients, this is something that we wish we could of changed to make it better a long with the three posters at the end being shown to the audience instead of just the one which we made for Prosecco and Orange. The theme we had to making the posters was the same as the other design task, being the logo we wanted to make sure that we had a simple yet effective design which could be pleasing for the eye and easy to remember with the amount of detail and the level of colours I added to each one to make them unique. We wanted to make sure that the logo was somewhere in the poster which is why it is enlarged on the crisp packet so it looked as if it was apart of the design and was not just placed randomly, this would of made people think it was miss-leading and would lead to being false advertisement.

We wanted to make sure throughout the whole designing process we were aiming at women as they were the main sale that we were planning on reaching, this was complete by looking at multiple posters of prosecco and looking how they tried to grab the audiences attention and advertise itself with out having the main focus on the wine on the poster, having the wine behind the crisps packet and the packing in the foreground and everything behind it other then some of the ingredients being in front to make the change and to also have a 3D effect to the whole design.

Group Pitch


For the pitch, I decided to make it on a presentation website, called ‘Prezi’ which is where it uses an interactive animation between the slides, it added the effect that it was more professional and more advanced than your normal ‘presentation’ program, instead I used a more technical program online where I could edit my work and share to my other group members so they can see what they wanted to add or change over the time of the making.

When it came to do the pitch our group agreed that were not going to use a script as it can be a distraction to the presentation and if you miss something the group will lack its confidence, we did it in front of the teacher (alone), we had set slides where everyone had their own slide that they would speak about, mostly what every you did you would speak about, other than that everyone had 3 slides each and I decided as I made the video to speak about it, meaning I spoke for a total of 8-10 slides. Our group was well organised and were ready for the pitch after I told everyone the information that they needed and how to deliver it effectively so that we could have the impression that we’re confident in our product and brand which shows we understand what we’re saying and presenting.

The slides which I did were the technical ones and the ones which were about the video and how it was made/edited/formed, as I felt most comfortable speaking about it in detail I did the majority of the speaking as I made the presentation I knew what part was when and how to answer it, before we did the pitch when I was creating the presentation I made sure all of the key information was on the screen so anyone could read it and understand what I was trying to say, this was also supported by the video we watched beforehand where we looked as ‘Steve Jobs’ doing his speech and how he delivered it effectively and what he wanted to show us as the audience in such a simple format. The group understood the presentation I had made as I did it in their context so that they would understand it and was easy flowing.screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-14-29-34

Personally I think that the pitch went to plan, overall I think we had only 1 mistake which was on my behalf, in the middle of the presentation I said ‘sorry’ for something that happened but we still carried on as if it never occurred, for the rest of the presentation we followed the advice we got from how to stand and present ourselves to the audience we’re presenting to, what to do and not to do when presenting it, which is something we followed and made sure we used in the presentation to show that we’re confident in our brand and product. I also feel that we got all the information we needed to present clearly outputted to the audience and in the most simple yet effective way possible in the time we had, we moved at a steady pace of a slide a minute and other slides took more time as their was more information to present and more explaining to do, the time management wasn’t really planned as we wanted to go by improvising all of the slides as we felt more confident and with a free-flowing motion which turned out to be the best way of presenting for us as a group, doing this method allowed us to spend as much time on each slide as we wanted, as long as we got the information across to the person/people in the audience.

Something to improve on in the future is the amount of slides each person has and the talking time is balanced which is something I took on, as I was making the presentation I added the information based on what task each person did, for the future as a group we should make our own slides to make sure they’re confident in what I’ve made for them and not putting them on the spot to have to understand what I’m trying to make them say, although this isn’t what I was trying to do, it was the only way it could have been made as I did not have the group members with me while I was making it.

The question we were asked when we finished the presentation were ‘which part of the project did you enjoy the most’, my response for the question was that I enjoyed the part where our group was making the video and recording it, one of my favourite parts of all the tasks related to recording, as it’s not only the serious side of the task but is also the part where the most mistakes happen or ‘bloopers’ are created, we recorded for 3 days in total for 2 crisp adverts, the when re-shooting something it’s always more enjoyable as you know what you’re aiming for and what you need to do instead of doing it first time and trying to get it perfect in the fastest possible time. One of the other questions we were asked as a group were “in a few sentences, whats your mission statement”, as a group we instantly created an answer as we were improvising, we did not have to check a script to see if we added it, my response for the question was that ‘we are intending to make a brand that is aimed for the higher class female, possible business related, creating a new gourmet brand that will make her feel luxurious and prestigious’.

Logo Design and Development

For the logo design, I looked at different companies on the market and how they made theirs especially to sell their brand, from the research that we gathered we realised their was a pattern that the logo was mainly based on a male audience and design, simple and effective. This was a male design but was sold to females at the same time as they were mix gendering, this is something that we decided on following up on, our brand name and logo was based on a male, called ‘Bernies’ and having a picture of a male-like building with it on a hill and being so simple and an easy design showing the natural side to the brand, which is what we learned from other companies when looking at their designs and the effects that they had on the audience from the shapes and colours that they use, we looked at around 3 brands; Kettle, Tyrrells and Salty Dog.

Starting to look at the in more detail we realised that people were trying to get consistent branding across all of their products, we also decided to go with the consistent branding and to explore the fact of just having one design and not changing it but to make it transparent is specific sections which meant that it was changing the inside of the designs colours which was enough changed to make it look different and better, something other than this was how large we wanted the design to be and what type of design we wanted, going back to when we had the first ideas we wrote down a few things that we wanted to add to the design for ourself then looked on the internet to see what others had an idea of and how we could try to make ours on the same level of detail and produce the same level of professionalism to the brand we were making. The first designs were on paper and we made what we were aiming for, the checklist was simple being only; House in the background, Hill below the house, Plain colours. This was the 3 main things that we wanted to make sure we got, when it came down to making the final design, we had a draw up on the computers then I edited the parts that didn’t fit and made the final piece, the text was also expressing the natural side to the brand and how the crisps were ‘natural’ and that the pattern on the text was ‘farmed land’ which supported our research.


From the first drawings above, I decided to change if from the house on the hill too a more simple design and to have the house sitting on top of the text below it and the texture of the writing below it will make the farmer’s field effect which is what I was looking for in my original idea, we decided on the colours purple and black as they’re two colours with their own meaning and can have great effect on the people looking at them and easy to recognise from a distance, I had to ensure that the design could fit on more than the crisp packet and would not look miss placed which is something that I had to look at how other companies figured out ways to cover it and get away with having a simple design fit onto a letter or any kind of device. The house on the top went from being solo to having a barn house along with it to add to the theme that I wanted to have a link to a farm-house and the fact that it’s all natural ingredients, although it did not take us long to make the decision to the final design done, we did it in a fairly quick pace as it was number one priority, the part that set us back was choosing the colours that we wanted to show on the logo and deciding why we wanted it and if we were happy with the decision. One of the set backs for the first photo design/drawing was that it looked like something was missing from it, I felt that I had to add something to make it look more interesting and appealing for people to view and remember for the future.

This is the 2nd design that we made for the logo and has all the things that we wanted to make it, the only thing is it looked too alike to the other logos on the market and we had to change something to make it more unique and to our own colours, we added the text below with a casual font on it too look themed as gourmet, this logo did not have the effect on the text with the idea that the text was ‘farmland’ but we added the hill and wanted to see what it would look like with it instead of editing the text. One of the things we had to improve for the 3rd and final design was the hill in the background and the positioning of it to make sure that everything was in respective with each other and looked somewhat realistic, we did not use the design as the final piece purely because i thought we could make it more simple and less detailed with the house and the shape of it, from this drawing it would be less recognisable as it has no different shape compared to a standard farm-house and text below it.


This is the 3rd and final design for the logo, when I was making the logo I started to think of what would make it stand out to the others and how I can make it different to other farm houses that are on logos, I decided first to make it transparent and that the text below would have the effect of the ‘farmland’ on it to play as the hill and the land being changed around it, I did not add the hill to the design as it would misplace it and be too much detail for such a simple intention that I was aiming for, the colour scheme was black and purple as it they stand out together strongly and the colour is pleasing for the eye to view, this is something that we looked into when doing research on the logos as I wanted to make sure I hit the same standards as other logos on the market today to make ours look ‘legit’ and ‘realistic’ which is something I have said before as it’s what we wanted to achieve.


20161214_150332 20161214_150341

20161215_152122 20161215_152137img_4147img_4145

Target Audience

For the target audience of the gourmet crisp brand and advert, we wanted to aim at females for this one as were mainly focusing on ‘Prosecco and Orange’, the first thing that we discussed when were making the flavours and who was going to buy the crisp was who we wanted to buy the crisps and who do we think would buy the crisps, after doing our ‘Group Meeting’ and collecting the information that we needed to make the final decision, we had come to agreement that we were going to have our brand aimed at 35-50 year olds, as this is a standard age for the gourmet theme, we had to make sure that it would have its place in the market and not just be competing against some of the biggest brands and expect to get sales, this is when we made the crisps focused on A-B social grade, essentially we were making a high-class crisp for females to enjoy and at the same time have a flavour which we think will be good on the market and be able to compete with other leading brands in the industry today. The person that we were aiming for is the woman that works for a high-class job and earns a higher then average salary, when she is having her time off or sometime to her own enjoys a glass of prosecco, likes to go to high class parties and host them when ever she has time too, the people that our going to be eating our crisps are people that don’t hold back and are willing to try new brands out and experience a crisp that is too the highest class and is a true gourmet flavour, having a social grade of A-B the woman is a Succeeder in the psychographics table which means she is willing to try new things and get the best in things which is what we’re aiming to deliver.

The reason we think people will buy our brand of crisps is that it is unique and new to the market, people that are Succeeders and Explorers will try our brand and tell others about our new brand which will allow us to expand in the market and become a competitor with the others in the industry. We’re not trying to aim for the younger audience as we’re linked to alcohol we cant break the ‘drink awareness’ act which says we cant advertise something that is linked to alcohol and to people that are under 18 in the same advert, we passed this by just using a part theme in the advert and not showing anything linked to children and to the fact we’re selling alcohol but at the same time we had to ensure we were selling the fact that the crisp was ‘Prosecco and Orange’. We believe that this will increase the audience that were also aim at as we’re allowing people that want a new crisp for adults and don’t want too feel like they’re eating a younger related crisp where this packet we have made and branded is purely for the older audience.


For the research of the Gourmet crisp advert we looked first into different and existing brands that were on the market and linked to the Gourmet industry, the reason we did this is so that we can find out what we needed to aim for and what exactly they were, looking at definitions and ideas from other people, from the research that we gathered we were able to make a name for the crisps that we were going to make and the logo was to be decided once we had the final name, this was chose by looking at other crisp brands and to see how they did their branding and the links to the gourmet crisp industry in order to make them a successful and compete with the other companies selling a similar product. After the first discussion was complete, I looked at the prices of the crisps on the market and we decided to get some primary research which was simply doing a questionnaire and looking at the results to find what people will be willing to spend on the crisps in todays marketing and if they would be willing to spend the little extra money to get a new gourmet crisps. For the flavours we found that we would choose 2 that were common on the market and the last flavour to be something that was more off charts and a flavour that was not as common, we decided on ‘Prosecco and Orange’ as our main advertisement and to have ‘Chicken and Thyme’ and ‘Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar’ as our common flavour which would have their own posters but not be mentioned in the advertisement.

The 2 other brands that we decided too look at were ‘Kettle’ and ‘Walkers Crisps’, we did an analysis for both of them too see if they had something that we would need to add to ours to make our own brand as successful as theirs, at the same time looking to see if we could improve on our own brand to make it look more ‘legit’ and to try to make ours look as ‘realistic’ as possible and to fit into the market today;

Kettle: The research that we looked at for the Kettle brand was how they made their logo and the effects that it had on the crisp itself and the advertisement behind it, the colours that they would link to their product and how this sold the crisp, the colours of our crisp packets that we designed had an big inspiration from the Kettle crisp packets as we found we didn’t need to add a lot to the design and fill it with pictures for people too look and and add the effect we’re trying to make some sort of child flavoured crisp, when the audience for the crisp was 35-50 so we needed to make sure that we had a simple design and to use warm colours so that they did not stick out massively compared to other brightly coloured crisp packet designs. We then moved onto looking how they priced their crisps compared to other brands and how they differed the price depending on the flavour of the crisp which made us do the £1.99 price tag for all of our crisps as the cost of the crisps alone cost more then the packet, the material of the packet they use is a matt finish to a tin paper, this is something that we decided too also use as it adds to the theme that its gourmet.

Walkers Crisps: The research that we looked at for the Walker Crisps, was how they used the logo to sell their brand, by looking at the effect the large logo had on the packet of crisps, we also decided to use their idea and have our logo in the centre of the packet in a large form to sell the branded logo, with the colours of our logo on the background colours we chose it meant that it was easily noticeable. The prices of the walkers crisps were not as high as they were not based off of the gourmet theme and would mean that they were not needed to sell the crisps at a higher price then around 50p as the ingredients were not natural or gourmet which the Kettle brand were and that the ones we were going to make and use were gourmet so we ignored the pricing, although we did use it in the primary research to have a back up of using them, although we knew they did not effect anything. We decided to not choose a Walkers flavour as it would mean it would not be gourmet and that we would have to change the name of it to something more suitable for the gourmet theme which would ignore the fact/point we used Walkers and changed it to a more ‘Kettle’ design/flavour.